Meg Wah to revive environmental consciousness. My name is Ako Peter Agbor from a rural community in the South West Region of Cameroon called Tali.  As an adventurous child, I was so attracted to nature, hunting and growing vegetables for my family. I could not bear leaving my community for further studies. Later on a visit back home, I saw how timber exploitation and unsustainable agricultural practices were causing water shortages and soil infertility. The passion to see the undefiled environment I interacted with arose in me. I later on studied environmental science at the undergraduate level and obtained a B.Sc in environmental science in 2012, university of Buea, Cameroon. While in the university, I held the position of environmental education officer in my student association and equally co-founded a youth-led organization dedicated to the fight against climate change called Go Green Students International (GGSI, In 2016, I attended and completed a 7 month leadership course for social change visionaries at Kanthari International Institute, Kerala India.  Meg Wah was born during this training.